Vacuum Wholesalers

Canada’s leading central vacuum distributor | Located In Calgary Alberta



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Vacuum Wholesalers, a division of ADS Holdings (Calgary) Ltd. was established in 1974. During the last 35 plus years we have become a leading supplier of built-in vacuum products. In 1993 our distribution base, which consisted of Alberta, grew to include all of Western Canada.

In early 1997 we expanded again to include all of Canada. Our growth over the years has enabled us to develop special long lasting relationships with our customers as well as the manufacturers of the built-in products we sell. Our product line consists of central vacuum systems, hoses, powerheads, attachments, fittings and pipe for both residential and commercial applications.

Vacuum Wholesalers is constantly improving and upgrading in order to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our clientele and our suppliers. Our mission statement still reads...."TO SUPPLY AND MAINTAIN BETTER BUILT IN PRODUCTS".

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