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Less Vacuum Noise

Central Vacuums are located away from the living area. Most power units are installed in the garage or mechanical room of the home so the sound is dampened by the natural layout of the area. This makes it possible to hear the doorbell, answer the telephone, carry on a conversation, watch TV or listen to music. Some Astro-Vac and Vacu-Maid models offer sound reduction packages.

Simple To Use

The lightweight hose plugs into the wall inlet and you are ready to vacuum. How simple is that? There's a wide variety of attachments to help you clean what needs cleaning. From the high reach areas to the lowest points in your home Vacuum Wholesalers can help build a system to suit your needs.

Extremely Powerful

Central Vacuums have motors that can be a surprising 5 times more powerful than a portable vacuum cleaner.

Removal Of Dirt And Allergens

A major benefit of installing a central vacuum is getting the dirt and allergens out of your living area... which can be further enhanced by having your power unit vented outdoors. Vacu-Maid vacuums were the first central vacuums to receive the approval for Indoor Air Quality by meeting standards in soil removal, dust containment and carpet retention. The American Lung Association has also recognized the benefits of having a Vacu-Maid central vacuum system. They have included a Vacu-Maid central vacuum system in their Florida "Breath Easy" office building, which promotes and demonstrates the importance of healthy indoor air quality.

Affordable And Adds Value

These systems are more affordable than most people think and they make a great investment for your home. Don't waste time and money on portable vacuum cleaners. Not only does a Vacu-Maid central vacuum system add value but it's your first line of defense in protecting the thousands of dollars you have invested in your homes floor coverings. The systems add permanent value to your home and make an excellent selling feature when it's time to sell.


It is not uncommon to encounter machines in service for over 20 years. Add up the cost of having to replace a portable vacuum system several times over the same time period and the choice becomes obvious.

Quality Construction And Reduced Environmental Impact

These units are built tough and made to last. Each one is constructed from corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel. The sustainable design ensures longer life and less replacement. Quality, durability and repairability, with recyclable materials such as steel bodies and metal motors.