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A Vacu-Maid® central vacuum system can reduce the amount of allergens in your home by extracting dirt, dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander out of your carpet and furnishings - and it’s simple. The system sends these allergens through the network of hidden tubing in your walls to the dirt can located in a remote area of your home. Read More

Better For Your Health. Better For The Environment. Read our Top 7 Benefits of Having a Central Vacuum System!

How much will a central vacuum system cost? That is one of the most asked questions about central vacuum cleaners there are. It all depends on the size of your home and how long you want the system to last. Buying the best central vacuum system for your home doesn’t always mean spending the most money on it.

Our blog has an article titled Central Vacuum Costs which outlines the various costs you can expect along with a sample system that will be suitable for a 2500 square foot home.

To ensure your home is outfitted with the best central vacuum system to meet your needs, there are a few factors to consider:

  • The square footage of your home
  • Your budget
  • The amount of pipe required in your home

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a no-obligation estimate for your home. Contact Vacuum Wholesalers today to get

All central vacuums are constructed in a similar fashion. They all have a body, a motor, a control board, and a filtration system. The best central vacuums will use higher quality components regardless of the brand. The best central vacuums will also have a manufacturer that stands behind their product with a solid warranty should something go wrong. The best central vacuums are typically purchased from vacuum stores and not the big box stores. Consider purchasing from an independent store/person whose livelihood depends on selling quality products.

We are a little bit biased as we have handled the VacuMaid line of central vacuums for over 40 years. As a leading distributor of built-in vacuum products, we have had several opportunities to change brands of central vacuums. When you break it down, the decision to stay with VacuMaid is an easy one. There are several leading central vacuum brands and they are not all created equal. Unfortunately, price plays a major part in the decision process. If price wasn’t the single biggest determining factor then quite frankly we would all have the same type of vacuum which the owners of the central vacuum stores have!

Our goal is to ensure that we recommend the best system for your home. We would love to speak with you about your environment and suggest the best central vacuum system to meet your needs.

Contact Vacuum Wholesalers today to discuss what we feel will work best for your home!

Generally speaking YES there is a difference between central vacuums sold in box stores versus vacuum stores.

Box stores rely solely on volume, and manufacturers, in an effort to keep their margins, make special models just for the big box stores. The vacuums in the big box stores typically use inferior parts that perform adequately, but only for short periods of time.

A good central vacuum should last for 750 + hours of use.

The most common motor we sell to “fix” broken down big box store central vacuums is designed to last for approximately 150 – 300 hours of use. Shop local. Shop at a vacuum store. They (we) need your support.

If your home has been roughed in for a central vacuum, then the answer is most likely yes, you can install a central vacuum yourself.

We have staff available to help you plan your system needs.

If your home has not been roughed in, it is advisable to hire a contractor with experience.

If you still feel like it is a task you want to attempt there are instructional videos available. Again we can help or point you in the right direction! Contact us if you need some help!


Central vacuum powerheads in general are interchangeable with the caveat that you may also need the appropriate wand and/or hose to go with it.

For best results, it is always recommended to take the powerhead and hose to your local vacuum shop to ensure compatibility.

If shopping online, confirm with your vendor by sending in photos.

The kind of powerhead you need for your carpet is dependant upon the type of carpet you are cleaning.

If you have a basic low pile carpet, then likely you don’t have a need for a powerhead with carpet height adjustment. I

f you have a high pile carpet then a powerhead with carpet height adjustment will be necessary.

If you have a dense carpet (soft carpet) then you will need a powerhead specifically designed for that.

Beyond that, there are several powerheads to choose from. We recommend using a powerhead with a geared/cogged belt design. Generally speaking, powerheads designed and/or manufactured in Germany such as Wessel Werk and SEBO are a good choice.

Bags & Filters

Changing your central vacuum bag is easy, and as a rule of thumb should be completed before the bag is ½ full to maintain good performance. There are other factors that may make changing the bag more frequently necessary, such as picking up fine dust like drywall dust. Most central vacuum bags should be changed 2 to 3 times per year on average.

Most central vacuum bags are easy to change and follow the same general guidelines. Simply remove your bottom bucket or if equipped with a top lid, remove it and carefully pull the bag off of the stem that enters into the bag. Some models may require a twisting motion as you pull.

Most, but not all central vacuum bags are universal. Manufacturers make most power units roughly the same size but some of the larger or smaller units require larger or smaller bags to work properly. As a general rule, if you are unsure, then purchasing the OEM brand is usually the best option. If you talk to your local professional (independent vacuum dealer) they may be able to suggest a brand equivalent, or sometimes, an even better than the original option. Remember, not all bags are created equal. The types of bags available usually range from an inexpensive paper type all the way up to HEPA quality.

Some types of filters can be washed and re-used multiple times. Washing of the filter depends on the type of material the filter is made of. Many vacuums have a sponge filter or foam filter or electrostatic filter that can be washed and left to dry. Others have cloth or paper filters that should be cleaned by vacuuming (using a different vacuum) and/or by blowing clean with an air compressor.

Single Canister Cyclonic Central Vacuum Maintenance / Cleaning

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