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Everything you wanted to know about working with us.

We are here to work with you every step of the way. We have knowledgeable staff with years of experience to draw upon. We have been in the field and most likely have been in your shoes or have gone down the road you are on.

We are not just order takers. We are partners.

Quite frankly we do this because we love it. We respect our clients and their business. Have a question? We have answers. Whether you are in need of a simple part for installations or a complete system including installation advise we are here to help. Since 1974 we have been supplying and maintaining better built in products.

Partner Benefits

  • Preferred Pricing
  • Express Order Fulfillment
  • Online Ordering
  • In Person Pick Up
  • Partner Listing – coming soon
  • Authorized Service Center

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“It is mathematically impossible to achieve greater customer service than the Vac Wholesalers team give us on a daily basis. We are a corporate client of over ten years, purchase from vendors across Canada and the US, and cannot recommend a better source of vacuum cleaner equipment.”

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