Ametek Lamb 119916

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This motor fits many manufacturers models of central vacuums. Popular VacuMaid and AstroVac systems that had this motor include the following: S2600, SR54, and SR52H. It replaces the 119916-00, 119916-07, 119916-12-RAC, and 119916-32. 119916 Brochure

Motor Type: Bypass
Discharge: Tangential
Bearings: Double Ball Bearing
Sealed Vacuum: 141.4 inches
Maximum Air Watts: 595
Maximum Air Flow: 120.2 CFM
Maximum Amps: 15.8
Motor Speed: 27,250 RPM

Why to choose an Ametek motor

Ametek Lamb motors provide superior performance with a high level of energy efficiency and low noise output. Their high quality construction ensures lasting performance and dependability. With superior durability and reliable performance, Ametek Lamb motors are an industry-leading solution for vacuum and blower applications.

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