Ametek Lamb 119892

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The Ametek Lamb 119892 is a single-stage vacuum motor that offers state-of-the-art performance. It features a 9.0" diameter and is powered by 120 volts. Its double ball bearing design and tangential discharge allows for a maximum air watts output of 833, a maximum airflow of 244.5CFM, and maximum amps of 15.5. Its tested brush life ensures up to 4500 hours of reliable performance and the interrupter bushes prevent armature damage at the end of life.

Why to choose an Ametek motor

Ametek Lamb motors provide superior performance with a high level of energy efficiency and low noise output. Their high quality construction ensures lasting performance and dependability. With superior durability and reliable performance, Ametek Lamb motors are an industry-leading solution for vacuum and blower applications.

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