HS5000 Valve Trim Kit - Black

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The Hide-a-Hose Wall Inlet Valve is needed in all hide-a-hose applications. It is where the hose enters and exits the vacuum piping. This model has a door that opens upwards, revealing your hose, the locking mechanism, and the on/off switch that operates your central vacuum.

The newer 5000 series valves feature a more compact and refined design, as well as a redesigned on/off switch.

The locking mechanism allows you to pull out however much hose you need and lock it in place. Releasing this lock and putting your hand over the hose causes the hose to quickly and conveniently recede back into the piping.

The switch simply acts as an on/off switch for your central vacuum. This is the most basic way to operate your vacuum via hide-a-hose. if you want to be able to operate your vacuum with your handle via hide-a-hose, you need an RF Handle Kit.

The HS5000 Rough-in Kit is required for installing this valve into a wall. If you are going to be installing this valve using a Stand Alone Mounting Kit, you do not need the Rough-in Kit.

Refer to the Hide-a-Hose HS5000 Installation Guide PDF below for Valve Trim Kit installation instructions.

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