RF Handle Kit

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The RF Ready Grip Kit offers the convenience of turning the Hide-A-Hose central vac system on or off with the handle, using a wireless RF (radio frequency) signal. The Ready Grip handle has an ergonomic design and soft touch finish, making vacuuming more comfortable. The quick connect button lock makes a fast and secure connection with the Comfort Seal Ratchet Wand. The RF Ready Grip Kit includes: RF Ready Grip handle with F915 transmitter, F915 receiver, power adapter, 2 wires for connection to power unit. With this handle, the Hide-A-Hose system can be turned on and off with the RF signal from the handle, or with the low voltage switch at the wall inlet. This handle also comes with a coupler (not pictured) for connecting to Mini Cuff end style hoses. Download the PDF below to view Set Up Instructions.

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