Wessel-Werk Powerhead Integrated Wand

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This wand is designed specifically for Wessel-Werk powerheads that have a QDC neck. This means that the electrical port is built into the neck of the powerhead, ie there is no cord coming from the back. This integrated central vacuum wand hides the electrical cord coming from the power nozzle up the wand, connecting directly to the hose and the power nozzle. Simply click your electric hose into your wand for on-demand control of your powerhead. The built in curly cord allows you to easily connect and disconnect the wand from your powerhead and hose. Ratchet adjustment allows you to change the length of the wand to anywhere between 25 and 39 inches long, for the most comfortable vacuuming experience. Replacement wand for Wessel-Werk EBK280 and EBK360

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