TurboCat Zoom - Platinum

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Compatible with low or high pile carpeting, the TurboCat ZOOM uses the suction power of your central vacuum to spin the agitator brush. When you turn on your vacuum, air enters through the nozzle and spins a turbine, which is attached to a belt. This belt spins the brush. Unlike most air powerheads, the TurboCat ZOOM has a horizontally placed turbine, allowing it to be much more low-profile than most nozzles The low profile design of this nozzle allows for easy maneuverability around and under furniture, places that some electric powerheads just can't reach. A friction locking neck makes this nozzle compatible with all types of wands. A step up from the original TurboCat, the TurboCat ZOOM features a more sleek design, as well as 2 small wheels on the front of the nozzle.

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