VacuMaid® S2600

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The VacuMaid® S2600 Cyclonic central vacuum system combines a powerful Tangential 7.2" Bypass motor with cyclonic filtration for efficient cleaning. With a large dirt canister and ultra-quiet operation at 60 dB, this split system offers versatile placement options and removes dust and microscopic particles. Ideal for homes up to 10,000 sq ft.

The VacuMaid® split canister units are the most unique central vacuums on the market. With the power unit housed separately from the dirt canister, you can place the two in separate locations. It is best that the power unit be placed in a remote location to further reduce any motor noise, and the dirt canister be placed where it is easily accessible. The S2600 unit uses an ultra-long life Ametek Lamb 7.2" Premier tangential bypass motor for superior performance. Split canister systems are especially good for people with pets. With the split system, most of the hair is collected in the bottom can, although some may make their way to the top screen. This screen can easily be cleaned by removing the top lid and wiping away the hair. With bag systems, pet hair will easily clog the bag, reducing its performance and cleaning ability, as well as life expectancy. The bottom can feature a plastic liner for clean and easy emptying.

Diameter: 16-1/8 in.
Height: 15-3/4 in.

Motor: (Ametek Lamb 119916)

Voltage: 120 A.C.
Max Amps: 15.8
Airwatts: 631
Airflow: 121 CFM
Sealed Vacuum: 142“ H2O
2 Stage
Motor Type: Tangential Bypass
7.2" Diameter
Dirt Capacity: 27 Qt.
Effective for up to a 10,000 square foot cleaning area.

All VacuMaid® central vacuums are manufactured by Lindsay Manufacturing in Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA.

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Why to choose vacumaid

- Less Vacuum Noise

Central Vacuums are located away from the living area. Most power units are installed in the garage or mechanical room of the home so the sound is dampened by the natural layout of the area.

- Simple To Use

The lightweight hose plugs into the wall inlet and you are ready to vacuum.

- Extremely Powerful

Central Vacuums have motors that can be a surprising 5 times more powerful than a portable vacuum cleaner.

- Removal of Dirt And Allergens

A major benefit of installing a central vacuum is getting the dirt and allergens out of your living area... which can be further enhanced by having your power unit vented outdoors. Vacu-Maid vacuums were the first central vacuums to receive the approval for Indoor Air Quality by meeting standards in soil removal, dust containment and carpet retention.

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